The 10 most influential fashion blogs Germany

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The 10 most influential fashion blogs Germany

Post by nehasonijpr on Wed May 13, 2015 4:51 pm

Fashion bloggers have been very often said, without in-depth knowledge and journalistic training, "just start" and give amateur assessments for fads and trends. This resulted in the fact that many PR agencies were reluctant to make the local bloggers collection present in their pieces available. After all, the products should be displayed to the best advantage in the public eye and who would because even risking the slaying of a supposedly lowbrow Fashion Bloggers?!

But as it is always so nice: Times are changing. Meanwhile, the fashion blogger sitting at the fashion shows in a row with the journalists of the fashion magazines. Who could seriously argue that only professionally trained editors are able to judge fashion?! The fact is that it only once at all does not matter whether someone has the expertise or not. More importantly, if other people trust your judgment and are interested in your opinion. Here address the ever-increasing number of visitors to the German fashion blogs for themselves. Users from all over the world can now be inspired by fashion blogs. This development is due to the fact that the bloggers their readers in many ways are closer than many fashion magazines, which reports on priceless luxury brands.

Year after year, new shoot fashion blogs like mushroomed. Thus, the competition for the local blogosphere is a hand getting bigger; on the other hand have junior fashionistas greater choice for their fashionable inspirations. It is like every year, to be seen how to develop the individual blogs. Some will disappear and added a lot more. But those bloggers who keep at it and develop a distinctive style, which attracts many readers / inside, of whom we hope to see a lot more in the years to come, see and get heard.

Top ten lists of national and international fashion blogs can be found in abundance on the internet. We have also published an article about the most important German fashion blogs in the past year. This year, our PR Blogger Fashion Blogger list will be updated and expanded. Of course, one meets in all rankings again and again to the same name, perhaps this year but also a few surprises for you here. For a better understanding we have divided the fashion blogs in street style, style diaries and magazine blogs. The boundaries between genres are often blurred, so we got our bearings the substantive focus of blogs.

Still in Berlin (Street Style), the blog of Mary Scherpe and Dario Natale, since 2006 reflects the casual Berlin Zeitgeist. The wonderful sense of fashion and her skillful staging has the two bloggers procured on the borders of Germany ear. This blog manages year after year in the top ten of the most important German fashion blogs - and rightly so!

1. Styleclickers
2. No Matter The Cost
3. Modepilot
4. Two for Fashion
5. Dhotti’s Dot
6. Madabot
7. Dandydiary
8. MilleMusings
9. Crazora
10. Ranas


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